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Marble Restoration Services and Other Natural Stone Services

Does your stone have the right finish for your particular needs? There are different solutions for different situations. Marble Polishing Experts are the people to call whether your stone is brand new or has been around awhile or requires marble restoration services.

Identifying The Stone — Why This Is Crucial?

If you move into a home where the stone is already laid, you may want to have an expert like Marble Polishing Experts look at the stone to identify it. Treating and maintaining stone incorrectly by mis-identification can lead to ruining the sealant and possibly even the stone itself.

If you are buying a new home, or installing new floors, counter tops or tile yourself, don’t automatically trust that the stone material is what the dealer says it is. Consult an expert before you buy (someone other than the dealer, especially if you are dealing with do-it-yourself type stores), or know the reputation of the dealer. For example, you might purchase something labeled as granite, for its hardness and resistance to liquid stains, but later find out it was actually limestone made to resemble granite. It happens more often than you might think.

Marble Polishing Experts can help you avoid innocent but costly mistakes.

Stone Surfaces And Sealants

All stone surfaces are porous to some degree, so various types of sealants are applied, depending on the porosity. Stone sealants must be impregnating, meaning that the sealant soaks into the stone itself, instead of just lying on the surface.

What kind of stone you have—from the hardest (granite) to the softest (limestone)—will dictate the type of sealant you need. Where the stone is being used will also have a bearing on the type of sealant and on how often it will need to be resealed.

Even when stone is sealed, however, it remains porous to a degree. Spills must be wiped up quickly. Repeated exposure to water, which acts as a solvent, can eventually erode your sealant and stain your stone if it is not maintained properly, requiring marble restoration services.

Prevention And Maintenance

As with anything, prevention and maintenance is the key to keeping your stone surfaces looking great.

If your stone is brand new, having us assess your needs right away is a good idea. We can set up a schedule for you for periodic inspections and maintenance to keep your stone in tip-top shape.

If you move into a home with existing stone surfaces, call us for an assessment of maintenance needs or any necessary repairs. If there are existing stains, or a recent spill looks like it may stain, call us to fix it for you.

If your sealant is not holding up as well as you expected, we can help you to identify what type of sealant was used on it initially, repair it, and teach you how to maintain it or set up regularly schedule maintenance for you.