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Restoring the shine of your marble or other natural stone in your home can make a huge difference to the look and value of your property.

Over time, natural stone surfaces, like marble, lose their shine and clarity. Chips, scratches or etching from foot traffic, spills, soap scum, pet stains and general use are common and can occur in your bathroom, kitchen and any other area you have natural stone floors, walls, countertops or features.

At Marble Polishing Experts, we provide a free consultation to assess your needs and advise the best solution to restore the natural stone surfaces in your home. We work around your schedule to get the job done quickly without intruding in your homelife.

Grout cracks get dirty or break away, which makes the tiles look old and ugly. We refill, seal cracks, recolor and seal grout. We also remove old and damaged caulking and recaulk.

Before we start, we pay particular attention to preparing the area to ensure there is no damage to any other surfaces in your home. We always clean carefully after every job to ensure your home and your stone finish is spotless.

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Grout Restoration

Dirty grout can be unsightly, unhealthy and very difficult to clean with regular supermarket products. Let the stone experts take care of your tile and grout cleaning. We’ll keep your grout clean and looking great.

Natural Stone Restoration

Does your stone have the right finish for your particular needs? Do you need marble restoration or granite restoration? There are different solutions for different situations.

Terrazzo Restoration

It’s important to identify the type of terrazzo you have to ensure the right products are applied. We are stone experts in identification and care. We are also stone experts in flagstone, granite, limestone and travertine.