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Ley Us Take Care Of Your Terazzo

Types Of Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo is a composite floor material made up of marble chips and marble dust with a binder. The binder can be cement or resin. Your terrazzo floor may be poured or tiled. If tiled, it may be grouted or not. If grouted, the grout may be sealed or not. Each type of floor requires a different type of maintenance.

Poured terrazzo is poured over a concrete floor and is ground down to produce the polished effect. Some terrazzo tiles are ground and polished before they are purchased, and some come unpolished.


A terrazzo floor should be maintained like any marble or calcium-based material and should never have an acidic, alkaline or harsh-chemical floor cleaner applied to it. Neutral cleaners are the only safe products for terrazzo.

As with all floors, the frequency of maintenance and repair will depend upon your foot traffic. Call us for an assessment of your terrazzo floor. We will assess the type of floor you have, recommend the proper type of maintenance required, and set up a schedule for maintenance based on your traffic flow.

If your terrazzo floor is looking dull, and no amount of cleaning or other application will restore the gloss, it may be time to have it resurfaced or honed and polished. Marble Polishing Experts can make this determination and recommend a solution.

We Are Terrazzo Specialists

Let us help you maintain your terrazzo floor by identifying the type of material and binder used. We can keep it looking terrific, no matter how much traffic it gets.